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Suede Shoes for the Modern Man

Suede Shoes

Nice take on the classic formal mens leather shoe. As high end leather users, I had to post this to show a little love to our friends over at  T and F .

The Pearl Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

Found this awesome photo of the pearl waterfall in China:

Low Line Underground Park: an “Indoor Highline” for Lower East Side

During early summer and late spring, High Line park is a gorgeous space that overlooks the East River; perfect for picturesque sunsets and the occasional weekend picnic. Needless to say, we here at Brooklyn Bakery are big fans so when we read on Architizer that there was a concept in development for a Low Line park, we had to check it out.

Low Line  park is a plan to renovate a vacant trolley station in lower east side of  Manhattan and turn it into a year round park with fiber optic powered remote skylights. FANCY!

Cork Bracelets and Cuffs…Wait, cork like from wine bottles?…Yes.

A couple of reasons we love cork:

  • Luxurious texture: Soft and supple, velvety or smooth, depending on the pattern.
  • It’s unique: Cork leather can be made in an almost unlimited variety of patterns and colors.
  • It’s water resistant: Water beads up and rolls off. Easy clean up with mild soap and water.
  • It’s durable, fade resistant  and lightweight.
  • It’s versatile: It can be used anywhere you might use leather, plus applications where leather would never work – (like an umbrella)
  • It’s sustainable. Cork oaks are not damaged or cut down to harvest cork. Trees have a typical life span of over 200 years.
  • Cork oak forests support biodiversity. 25,000 species are supported, including endangered birds, plants and wildcats.
  • It’s vegan.
  • It’s hypoallergenic. A substance in the cork bark called Suberin prevents the cork from absorbing water, dust, dirt, mold and mildew.

We get a lot of customers and stores asking about how our cork cuffs are actually made.

We pair a cork veneer with high-quality nubuck leather and sew them together. All materials are proudly made in the USA.

Any other questions regarding our cork lines? Post them below please.

Steel Cake Jewelry Launch via Sale!!

Steel Cake Jewelry Sale via

For the launch of our Steel Cake Jewelry line, we are having a sale through! Email me if you’d like an invite to

Our new Steel Cake Jewelry Collection is a distinctive collection of necklaces made from gold- and silver-plated brass beads and natural materials like jade, coral, bone and wood. 

Perforated Cuffs.

Our perforated cuffs come in a variety of exciting and bright colors–the perforation itself  adds a level of complexity and edge. These cuffs are a great accent to any outfit, and can be stacked and worn together as well.

The top, perforated layer is lambskin imported from Italy, and the backing is 100% nubuck leather. Although the top layer is imported, the production and manufacturing is all done within New York, and we are proud to support the small businesses we work with.