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Cut-Out Correspondence

In an effort to rebel against the instantaneous and quickly forgotten Facebook messages and Tweets, California artist Annie Vought has created life-size representations of letters she has received, found, and written. She enlarges the letters and then cuts out the negative space with an Exact-o knife, leaving the strong but seemingly fragile individual words to serve as the infrastructure of each piece. She uses different sizes and types of handwriting so that each letter expresses the individual’s mood and constructs a tangible idea of what the writer is like. Pay close attention to the intricacy and delicacy of the letters below!

Photos via Vought’s website.

Sensing Smiley

The Fühlometer, or Feel-O-Meter, was an interactive installation created by artists/designers Julius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus, and Richard Wilhelmer to display the overall mood of a city. The Fuhlometer was comprised of a complex system which read the emotions on passerby’s faces (sad, indifferent, or happy), interpreted them, and visualized them, all in real-time.

Photos from Wilhelmer’s website and here.

Multicolored Monolith

Combining various perspectives and bold, bright colors, Lee Baker created his installation entitled “Refractive Monolith”, displaying the tense relationship between urbanization and culture. Ten thousand metres of yarn allude to the weak infrastructure of buildings. The intense hues aim to communicate security and happiness but the grey backdrop represents the ominous darkness that may lie ahead. Stunning photos are below and make sure to watch a timelapse of the building process at the end.

Photos via Baker’s website and here.

Living Lights

Groupe LAPS, a French design team of six artists, has created an installation of 20 stick figures made of LED light tubes. In an energetic and exciting display, the figures dance and flash when music is played. Check out the photos below and this video to see them in action!

Photos via their website and here.

Sidewalk Sand Paintings

Joe Mangrum creates gorgeous sidewalk paintings on the streets of Brooklyn with nothing but his hands and bags of colored sand. Mangrum’s philosophy is that “we are all unknowingly and psychologically programed by the urban grid system…ultimately out of sync with the natural world…disconnected physically and metaphorically from the whole.” His sand paintings are a rejection of this and a representation of interconnectivity, inspired by components of technology, art, and culture, and a combination of ancient aesthetics and modern, pop-art colors and style. Check out photos of his paintings below as well as this video of Mangrum in action.

Mangrum updates his website regularly on his current location as well as ongoing projects and exhibitions. He also has a book with 70 photographs of his paintings available for sale here. Photos via Mangrum’s website and Oddity Central.

New Obession! Curator and Mule – $60/season for a curated box of accessories

New Obession! Curator and Mule – $60/season for a curated box of accessories

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!!! Worship !!!







images of worship from Natan Dvir

Shanghai in Black and White

Gorgeous photography from Martin Stavars

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