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Amazing Long Exposure Photographs of Gold Fireflies in Japan

These beautiful photographs capture the surreal ballet of gold fireflies as they mate after thunderstorms during the June to July rainy season.

Bodyscapes – Jean-Paul Bourdier

California based photographer Jean-Paul Bourdier concentrates on the beauty and geometry of the human body, combining landscape and flesh as a canvas to create a visual union and a beautiful harmony. All of the images have been shot on site in analog photography, without the use of digital manipulation.

Landscape Light Sculptures – Barry Underwood

Artist Barry Underwood photographs wonderfully mysterious natural landscapes by infusing the spaces with sculpted light.

Aqueous Electreau – Underwater Ink Photographs

Photographer Mark Mawson explores colours and textures in these amazing captures of smoke-like ink underwater.

Deep-Fried Gadgets

If you ever wondered what technology looks like after it’s been cooked, Henry Hargreaves has the answer! Fret not, these gadgets aren’t real – just foam copies. Hargreaves has a “restless and curious mind, a fascination with the unusual or quirky and a desire to see how photography can illuminate the world and spark conversation.”

Photos via Hargreaves’ website.


While washing dried paint out of his sink from a different project, Michael Chase was inspired by the colors and textures that the combination of water and paint created, and set out to make his own psychedelic patterns armed with only his iPhone, his sink, and different types of paint. He states that the series, entitled Paintaway, “revolves around the central theme of impermanence. The flowing water represents the erosion of time and the paint is symbolic of the physical world we live in.”

Photos via his website.

Alternative Landscape – Benoît Paillé

Photographer Benoît Paillé created on a fascinating series of landscapes. These dreamlike photographs are realised using a unique lighting method : a suspended glowing square. The images are not photoshopped, the 1×1 meter light is hung in the center of each photograph and the resulting image shows a unique form of illumination in a natural landscape. The photographer says his goal is to redefine what a landscape photograph is by questioning its reality, creating a kind of poetic moment in space and time.

Land Art by Sylvain Meyer

Amazing land art installations by Swiss artist Sylvain Meyer. The artist modifies wooded areas and landscapes to create various impermanent patterns, sculptures, and textures. Everything is realised without the use of Photoshop.

Balloon Sculptures by Hans Hemmert

Hans Hemmert is known for balloon sculptures, which are crammed into unlikely places or represent something as serious as a tank to something as whimsical as a balloon house. Also be sure to check out the timelapse video below of one of his installations.

Photos via here and here.


Inspired by “emergent systems in nature such as termite mounds, swarming locusts, schooling fish, and flocking birds” Thomas Jackson created this photography series entitled “Emergent Behavior” to “attempt to tap into the fear and fascination that these phenomena tend to evoke.” Additionally, his series emphasizes juxtaposition “by constructing the pieces from unexpected materials and placing them in environments where they seem least to belong” so as to “tweak the margins of our visual vocabulary, and to invite fresh interpretations of everyday things” through “creating an uneasy interplay between the real and the imaginary.”

Photos via Jackson’s website.