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London Olympics 1908

Looking back at these photos from the 1908 London Olympics reminds us how much has changed!

Topographic Projections – Jim Sanborn

The Topographic Projections and Implied Geometric Series is an art project made by Jim Sanborn. The artist wants to interact with nature and geometry, all the images were produced by direct, large format, light projection. On moonless nights, the landscape was lit with searchlights and photographed using long exposures.

Doors to Nowhere by Nicole Evans and Pat Farrell

As part of the Uncommon Common Art project in Nova Scotia, writer Nicole Evans and Pat Farrell created Unbalanced, a series of door installations that create the illusion that the doors are portals leading to nowhere… Or somewhere, another dimension, another world or another place on earth. These works of art are not made using photoshop, they are real, artistically made to stand  alone.


Aurora Borealis in Iceland by Arnar Valdimarsson

Photographer Arnar Valdimarsson captures amazing pictures of Aurora Borealis in the cold night of Icelandic wilderness.

In Thoughts Series by Florian Imgrund

German photographer Florian Imgrund presents in his latest series “In Thoughts”, beautiful black and white photographs with a deep sense of poetry and nostalgy.

All Under Heaven – Olaf Mueller

Photographer Olaf Mueller last art show “All Under Heaven” features epic locations all over China and giant soap bubbles. The artist juxtaposes conventional photographic methods with modern digital technologies to create surreal and visually potent compositions. This is an art process which is both physical and digital: building theatrical shoot locations and later enhancing them through digital and technological processes to achieve a powerful duality between the real and the imagined. These visual apparitions build dynamic compositions and create a soulful, mystic, deeply creative art work as well as an interesting reflection on both technical and aesthetic innovation.

Amazing Light Painting by Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke

German duo Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke explore landscapes and  reveal their magic beauty at dusk. Their light painting photographs uncover what is hidden in the dark, creating dreamlike universe.

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Double Exposure Portraits by Jon Duenas

Oregon based photographer Jon Duenas is specializing in fashion, editorial, and fine art photography using natural light and vintage film cameras. In these beautiful double exposure portraits, it’s amazing how the images lay over one another, revealing details of nature blooming through portraits of young women.

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

The National Geographic will soon reveal the winners of the 24th annual Traveler Photo Contest. Here are some of the amazing pictures that have been submitted.