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Deep-Fried Gadgets

If you ever wondered what technology looks like after it’s been cooked, Henry Hargreaves has the answer! Fret not, these gadgets aren’t real – just foam copies. Hargreaves has a “restless and curious mind, a fascination with the unusual or quirky and a desire to see how photography can illuminate the world and spark conversation.”

Photos via Hargreaves’ website.

No Can Left Behind

Can Love is an organization that collects discarded spray paint cans and creates additional art using their skeletons. The main problem they have with street art is “not the environmental impact of graffiti art, but rather our lack of awareness and respect for the very thing that allows us to create amazing typographic masterpieces.” On their mission, Can Love states that they “like to think we’re setting the soul of each spray can free, allowing it to rest in peace (or pieces), and memorializing it as a true work of art.”

Photos via Can Love’s website.

Detailed Doodles

Yosuke Goda is the artist behind these incredibly complex drawings, covering the room and enveloping the viewer in lines and curves without a beginning or an end. Timelapse video is below as well!

Photos and video via here.

Submerged Sculptures

Jason deCaires Taylor is the creator of these incredible underwater sculptures around the waters of Cancun. The sculptures are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly, serving as artificial reefs that enable coral to grow and marine life to thrive. Taylor doesn’t consider himself the only artist, however. “I have a whole team of underwater helpers that come along and do all the finishing for me,” Taylor says. “The coral applies the paint. The fish supply the atmosphere. The water provides the mood. People ask me when it’s going to be finished. This is just the beginning.”

Photos via here, here, and here. You can read about and see more of Taylor’s work on his website.

Being Banksy: Part 2

I previously posted about Nick Stern, a photographer who is creating real life versions of infamous street artist Banksy’s 2D graffiti. He’s at it again with more photos for the series he’s entitled “You are not Banksy”.

Photos via.

Straightforward Street Art

Sean Hart is the street artist behind these works that feature large fonts and intense, direct messages. Hart describes himself as “the moon’s favourite lover, the heir of the sun…familiar to the stranger..I am an exile with a talkative glance…I exist…I am a poem…I am a poet and my poetry is a weapon loaded with the future.”

Photos via Hart’s website.

Brooklyn Bakery on Brooklyn Blonde!

Helena of Brooklyn Blonde styled our Caramel Cream Vintage Leather bracelet today – we’re loving her arm party!

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We are so excited to announce our new bracelet collection! Master the mixed material #armparty trend with leather bow ties, gold brass and other natural beaded bracelets. The contrasts of tones and textures make a subtle yet striking statement that will compliment a large array of different outfits. Add a touch of elegance to your work outfit with a classic black or brown bow-tie bracelet, or color block with the red or pink bow-tie bracelets. The muted tones of the chunky resin bracelets add character to an otherwise simple ensemble. The combination of leather and gold beaded bracelets compliment each other for a match made in heaven! Handcrafted in the USA, each bracelet is individually inspected to ensure the highest quality.

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Sammy Looks Sharp on the Today Show!

Sammy, of Sammy and the World, wore our black patent leather bow-tie collar on the Today Show this morning! We’re so excited to see one of our products on TV and on such a cute pup!

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Bathroom with a View

Monica Bonvicini is the creator of “Don’t Miss a Sec”, an outdoor toilet made with one-way glass, enabling the user to see outside but blocking surrounding passerby from seeing the person inside the toilet. Bonvicini purposely placed it across from the Tate Britain museum, as the work “relates to the urge, during big art events where so much is about “see and be seen,” to not miss anything. At any big art event, everyone needs a bathroom at some point. If you use the work for it, you are still able to see the next art work, who is passing by, who is talking with whom, and who is wearing what. At the same time, you can literally show your ass to them.” Additionally, the toilet serves to question which aspects of our lives we prefer to be private or public, and how we feel when those lines are blurred. As you look through the photos and watch the video below, ask yourself – would you use this toilet?

Photos via here and here. You can see more of Bonvicini’s work here.