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Building Blocks

Jan Vormann is the German artist behind an installation called Dispatchwork, in which he patches up the gaps in old buildings and structures with colorful Legos. He has done this in multiple cities, including New York, Berlin, and Bocchignano, Italy, creating a collaborative project in which he invites passerby to not only join in but to also repair the cracks in their own buildings and cities. The Legos are a cheerful reminder of childhood as well as a symbol of hope and happiness amidst deterioration.

Photos via Vormann’s website, here, and here.

Living Lights

Groupe LAPS, a French design team of six artists, has created an installation of 20 stick figures made of LED light tubes. In an energetic and exciting display, the figures dance and flash when music is played. Check out the photos below and this video to see them in action!

Photos via their website and here.