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Bright Beams

Studio Roso, the brainchild of Danish artists Sophie Nielsen and Rolf Knudsen, is the design house behind this installation at Clarks Shoes Headquarters in England. 2 imaginary beams of light reflect off of the walls of the courtyard; each beam is comprised of 7,500 discs and 36 vertical wires. The space itself was meant to be a part of the installation; the courtyard was painted white while the bottom was recovered with black asphalt. Situated in the heart of the headquarters, employees see the installation everyday as it changes with the light of the moment.

Photos via. You can also visit Studio Roso’s website.

Singapore’s Supertrees

Aptly nicknamed the “Supertrees”, these stunning structures are the first part of Singapore’s “Garden by the Bay” project,  a 250-acres long green initiative costing 750 million USD, which some say is the government’s attempt to make Singapore “the botanical capital of the world”. A 22 meters (7 stories) high walkway links the trees for the visitors to enjoy the 200,000 species of plants hanging off of the trunks and decorating the surrounding ground. In addition to their aesthetic value, the trees are also extremely environmentally conscious as they collect rainwater and provide shade for the aforementioned plants as well as provide energy for the park lights and watering system from the energy absorbed by their solar panels. Singapore is, without a doubt, succeeding in its mission to evolve from a “City Garden” to a “City in a Garden”.

Pictures via here.

The New Stuttgart City Library – Germany


Awesome public library in Germany. Can’t help but think of the Guggenheim Museum in New York when I first saw this. For more pictures click  here.