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BusyBites, The Brooklyn Bakery’s 1st Event!

Last Thursday, we threw our first event!  The event was aimed at celebrating local, young businesses.

If you weren’t able to make it, you should definitely check out the awesome food/dessert vendors, restaurants, and artwork we had the chance to meet there. Here are some pictures by Kenya Bravo and here is the list of the participants, check them out!

Participants : 
@kumquatcupcakes (cupcakes)
@TheAlcreamist (ice cream)
@oaxacatacos (tacos)
@Grnsquaretavrn (appetizers)
@HerbNZest (appetizers)
@thebravista (photographer)
@brooklynbakery (bracelets)
danagivens.com (artwork)

Fabulous 4th

We all know the best part about 4th of July is the fireworks, and we’re currently reliving them through Brooklyn-based photographer Thomas Prior’s unique captures.

Photos via Prior’s Tumblr. You can also view more of his work on his website.

Tom Fruin’s Kaleidoscopic Watertower in Brooklyn

Tom Fruin has unveiled his newest kaleidoscopic structural installation “Watertower”, a sparkling new addition to the Brooklyn skyline.
The Brooklyn artist has built a 25 by 10 foot tall water tank with nearly 1,000 colorful salvaged plexiglass. The transparent water tower sculpture adorns the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. During the day, the hundreds of rainbow panes of the water tower mosaic catch natural sunlight, glowing from different angles depending on the time. By night, the glittering sculpture is illuminated by an ardunio-controlled light show.

“Watertower” is visible to any person with a clear view of the Dumbo, Brooklyn, the illuminated, colored glass work will be on show from June 7th, 2012, remaining on exhibition until the following June.




Sidewalk Sand Paintings

Joe Mangrum creates gorgeous sidewalk paintings on the streets of Brooklyn with nothing but his hands and bags of colored sand. Mangrum’s philosophy is that “we are all unknowingly and psychologically programed by the urban grid system…ultimately out of sync with the natural world…disconnected physically and metaphorically from the whole.” His sand paintings are a rejection of this and a representation of interconnectivity, inspired by components of technology, art, and culture, and a combination of ancient aesthetics and modern, pop-art colors and style. Check out photos of his paintings below as well as this video of Mangrum in action.

Mangrum updates his website regularly on his current location as well as ongoing projects and exhibitions. He also has a book with 70 photographs of his paintings available for sale here. Photos via Mangrum’s website and Oddity Central.

Brooklyn! Find us at Old Hollywood

We just dropped off a bunch of coin purses and bracelets! So for those that like shopping in person, check out stuff out at Greenpoint!


The Brooklyn Bakery featured on Enterase: The Buyers Guide for Men.


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The Brooklyn Bakery Featured in Cool Mom Tech!


There’s just no way I could go without a case on my iPhone 4, thanks to four little ones, but I can’t help but be a little jealous every time I see one those brave folks who go cover-free with their pretty, sleek iPhone. Well with these cool iPhone backs, I think I might have found a decent solution.


The leather iPhone backs from The Brooklyn Bakery seem like the perfect compromise for those of you who don’t want to put a case on your precious but don’t want to use your phone commando. Heh.

Printed on genuine leather, the patterns range from the super cool Silver Boa to the Fantasy (pictured), and all sorts of less shiny ones in between.

Of course I still recommend a case that actually protects your phone. Especially if you’re a parent. But for those times you want to dress up your phone for a night on the town, or drop something a little less bulky into your purse, know that the iPhone backs attach with a safe adhesive that can be easily removed without residue. Kinda neat. -Kristen

You can purchase the leather iPhone backs at The Brooklyn Bakery where shipping is free in the US.

Read more: http://www.coolmomtech.com/2012/02/leather_iphone_back.php#ixzz1mgUmPPgV

The Brooklyn Bakery Featured in Delightful Dozen!



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Bohemian Print from The Brooklyn Bakery

Bohemian Print Coin Purse – Dimensions: 3.25″ x 4″

(backside of the coin purse)

Bohemian Print iPhone Back