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Alter Actio

Luka Klikovac is the photographer behind the series AlterActio, a curious collection of photos of colored fluids that appear different to each viewer, evoking images of the ocean, space, bodies, or just about anything else your mind can imagine. You can see more of these psychedelic photos in the video below as well.

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Photos via here.

Bound Bodies

French photographer Julien Palast is the creator behind this offbeat collection of photos entitled “Skindeep”. While at first the shrink wrap seems to suffocate the models, it actually liberates their bodies, emphasizing the curves, muscles, form, and natural beauty of the human figure.

Photos via. You can view more of Palast’s work on his website.

Patchwork Puzzles

For his project “Love = Love”, Kent Rogowski mixed and matched and combined pieces from over 60 puzzles to create these magnificent landscapes with intricate depictions of the sky, flowers, and nature. Although they create a unified picture together, look closely at each photo to see the small differences in the pieces. Rogowski explained that “although puzzle pieces are unique and can only fit into one place within a puzzle they are interchangeable within a brand.”

Photos via Rogowski’s website.

Chemical Creations

Fabian Oefner, creator of the “Dancing Colors” series I wrote about here, placed a mixture of ferrofluid and watercolors onto a magnetic field to produce these incredible designs, which he calls “Millefiori”. Oefner explains, “ferrofluid is a magnetic solution with a viscosity similar to motor oil. When put under a magnetic field, the iron particles in the solution start to rearrange, forming the black channels and separating the water colors from the ferrofluid. The result are these peculiar looking structures.” Crazy photos are below along with screenshots from this video of the process.

Pictures from Oefner’s portfolio, here, and here.

Performing Pigments

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner created his series “Dancing Colors” to represent a connection between the audio and visual worlds. In an elaborate process, Oefner dyed grains of sand, then placed them on top of a speaker wrapped in plastic, causing the grains to vibrate each time a sound was emitted through the speaker. He used a device in which the microphone sends a signal to the flashes so that the camera can quickly capture the illuminated but ephemeral dance on display.

Photos via Oefner’s website and here.

Multicolored Monolith

Combining various perspectives and bold, bright colors, Lee Baker created his installation entitled “Refractive Monolith”, displaying the tense relationship between urbanization and culture. Ten thousand metres of yarn allude to the weak infrastructure of buildings.┬áThe intense hues aim to communicate security and happiness but the grey backdrop represents the ominous darkness that may lie ahead. Stunning photos are below and make sure to watch a timelapse of the building process at the end.

Photos via Baker’s website and here.