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L’Eggo My…. Legos

Most children want to build castles in the sky or for Mr. Hendrix in the sand. As for me and I assume most kids from my generation simply wanted to build multi colored skyscrapers that didn’t dream of scraping the sky, more towards the ceiling of your bedroom until your little brother kicked it and the work of art quickly turns into ground zero of a million lego pieces. That being said, these artists really exceeded the childhood architecture, and really formed it into an artwork.


Lost In Labyrinths

Sometimes it is relaxing to not know where you are going, to not have an idea on your whereabouts. If that feeling appeals to any of you, these mazes will fulfill every  bit of that need. Or you just may have flashbacks to childhood and watching the movie Labyrinth (1986). Don’t know which was scarier, the monsters or David Bowie in a movie.

Not So Playful Playgrounds

Alfred North Whitehead once said, “The deepest definition of youth is life as yet untouched by tragedy.” 

Well folks welcome to the tragedies that children will be facing on the play ground. This is not dealing with Jimmy the Bully (no Jimmy was not the bully from my personal history, his name was Connor). But we are finding them around your kids’ jungle gyms. Environmental Architects fell short of the prestigious playgrounds.