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Balloon Sculptures by Hans Hemmert

Hans Hemmert is known for balloon sculptures, which are crammed into unlikely places or represent something as serious as a tank to something as whimsical as a balloon house. Also be sure to check out the timelapse video below of one of his installations.

Photos via here and here.

Celestial Creations

Christopher Bucklow is the artist behind these psychedelic photographs that resemble glowing mirages. A complex process was required to create this series, entitled “Guest”: “The artist’s technique incorporates two simple and ancient artistic methods, pinhole photography and tracing the human shadow. The process begins with the artist outlining his subjects’ shadows on a large sheet of aluminum. He then applies pin-holes within the traced figure outline, which is in turn used as the camera’s lens, he mounts the foil onto a home-made camera with color photo paper mounted on the back of the camera. Different intensities of sunlight, time of day and exposure give each piece a variation in light and color. The result is a magical, celestial-like standing figure that looks as if it is emerging from the atmosphere.”

Words via here. You can view more photos from this set along with Bucklow’s other work on his website.

Sentimental Sugar

For her latest clever creation, Brooklyn-based Julia Chiang used Ring Pops to write messages on a wall. As the gallery lights heat the art, the Ring Pops melt, streaking the walls with color and enhancing the installation.

Pictures via here, here, and here. Click here to see more of Chiang’s work.