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The Brooklyn Bakery is on Sneak Peeq!

Check out our new collection of Bow Tie Dog Collars on Sneak Peeq!


BusyBites, The Brooklyn Bakery’s 1st Event!

Last Thursday, we threw our first event!  The event was aimed at celebrating local, young businesses.

If you weren’t able to make it, you should definitely check out the awesome food/dessert vendors, restaurants, and artwork we had the chance to meet there. Here are some pictures by Kenya Bravo and here is the list of the participants, check them out!

Participants : 
@kumquatcupcakes (cupcakes)
@TheAlcreamist (ice cream)
@oaxacatacos (tacos)
@Grnsquaretavrn (appetizers)
@HerbNZest (appetizers)
@thebravista (photographer)
@brooklynbakery (bracelets)
danagivens.com (artwork)

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama + The Whitney Museum

Yayoi Kusama, whose amazing art I’ve previously blogged about, is everywhere lately. An exhibit has just opened at The Whitney Museum containing over 300 works by Kusama tracking her obsession with polka dots, mesmerizing lines, and captivating designs from her early years to the present. Additionally, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Kusama to create clothing designs of her artwork. You can check out some photos from the exhibit as well as a video of the collection below. Have fun!

Photos via here. You can shop the Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection here, and view more information on the Whitney exhibition here. Lastly, follow us on Twitter at @BrooklynBakery!

Brooklyn Bakery on Brooklyn Blonde!

Helena of Brooklyn Blonde styled our Caramel Cream Vintage Leather bracelet today – we’re loving her arm party!

You can shop the rest of our bracelets + other leather accessories here, and follow us on Twitter @BrooklynBakery!

Starring: Sammy

Infamous New York pup Sammy shows off one of our patent leather collars. Too cute!

Shop our other collars here, with multiple colors and designs perfect for every pet’s personality!

You can also follow Sammy on Twitter and Facebook.

Food Art: The Taste of Fashion, Fulvio Bonavia

“A Matter of Taste” is an art project by the artist and ad photographer Fulvio Bonavia. This project unites two worlds: food and high fashion: both wanted, dreamt and forbidden in the same time. As you can see in the images below, he takes food such as blackberries, cauliflower and kiwis and creates products such as watches and purses. Fulvio Bonavia presents a work of great and rare inspiration, creation and quality. His work has been honored by Communication Arts, PDN, the Italian Art Directors Club, among a lot of others, and Luerzer’s Archive has named Fulvio one of the ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide’.

“A Matter of Taste” illustrates high end fashion garments and accessories from the world’s most famous designers made from food. The artist puts sources that we take for granted in our daily lives, and successes in making us stop and admire those simple things as works of art. Through the use of great lighting, illustration, transparency and retouching, these pieces have an untouchable style of their own that project a priceless quality and an inner beauty that can be only seen in exceptional pieces from a museum.

You can find more images here: http://www.fulviobonavia.com/




The Brooklyn Bakery featured on Enterase: The Buyers Guide for Men.


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Bohemian Print from The Brooklyn Bakery

Bohemian Print Coin Purse – Dimensions: 3.25″ x 4″

(backside of the coin purse)

Bohemian Print iPhone Back

The Brooklyn Bakery Featured in “In Kinsey’s Closet”

The Brooklyn Bakery

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Charles James (first American coutourier)

It only looks like a painting but this photo features an array of Charles James‘ collection of dresses first exhibited in 1947. For more photos click here.