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Art au Naturel

1,700 people participated American artist Spencer Tunick’s adaptation of Richard Wagner’s “der ring des nibelungen”, or The Ring. The work, a live sculptural performance, was created for the commencement of Munich’s 2012 opera season. Naked volunteers were painted red or gold and continuously directed to move or be stationary to execute his vision. Tunick has been creating live, nude works since 1992, challenging the belief that nudity must always be sexual along with changing the way the public views and interacts with art in a public space. Pictures are below along with a video (skip to :21)!

The Ring was organized and photographed by Max-Joseph Platz and commissioned by the Bavarian State Opera. Pictures via here and here. You can view more of Tunick’s installations on his website.

The New Stuttgart City Library – Germany


Awesome public library in Germany. Can’t help but think of the Guggenheim Museum in New York when I first saw this. For more pictures click  here.