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Alternative Landscape – Benoît Paillé

Photographer Benoît Paillé created on a fascinating series of landscapes. These dreamlike photographs are realised using a unique lighting method : a suspended glowing square. The images are not photoshopped, the 1×1 meter light is hung in the center of each photograph and the resulting image shows a unique form of illumination in a natural landscape. The photographer says his goal is to redefine what a landscape photograph is by questioning its reality, creating a kind of poetic moment in space and time.

Celestial Creations

Christopher Bucklow is the artist behind these psychedelic photographs that resemble glowing mirages. A complex process was required to create this series, entitled “Guest”: “The artist’s technique incorporates two simple and ancient artistic methods, pinhole photography and tracing the human shadow. The process begins with the artist outlining his subjects’ shadows on a large sheet of aluminum. He then applies pin-holes within the traced figure outline, which is in turn used as the camera’s lens, he mounts the foil onto a home-made camera with color photo paper mounted on the back of the camera. Different intensities of sunlight, time of day and exposure give each piece a variation in light and color. The result is a magical, celestial-like standing figure that looks as if it is emerging from the atmosphere.”

Words via here. You can view more photos from this set along with Bucklow’s other work on his website.

Bright Beams

Studio Roso, the brainchild of Danish artists Sophie Nielsen and Rolf Knudsen, is the design house behind this installation at Clarks Shoes Headquarters in England. 2 imaginary beams of light reflect off of the walls of the courtyard; each beam is comprised of 7,500 discs and 36 vertical wires. The space itself was meant to be a part of the installation; the courtyard was painted white while the bottom was recovered with black asphalt. Situated in the heart of the headquarters, employees see the installation everyday as it changes with the light of the moment.

Photos via. You can also visit Studio Roso’s website.

Singapore’s Supertrees

Aptly nicknamed the “Supertrees”, these stunning structures are the first part of Singapore’s “Garden by the Bay” project,  a 250-acres long green initiative costing 750 million USD, which some say is the government’s attempt to make Singapore “the botanical capital of the world”. A 22 meters (7 stories) high walkway links the trees for the visitors to enjoy the 200,000 species of plants hanging off of the trunks and decorating the surrounding ground. In addition to their aesthetic value, the trees are also extremely environmentally conscious as they collect rainwater and provide shade for the aforementioned plants as well as provide energy for the park lights and watering system from the energy absorbed by their solar panels. Singapore is, without a doubt, succeeding in its mission to evolve from a “City Garden” to a “City in a Garden”.

Pictures via here.

Tom Fruin’s Kaleidoscopic Watertower in Brooklyn

Tom Fruin has unveiled his newest kaleidoscopic structural installation “Watertower”, a sparkling new addition to the Brooklyn skyline.
The Brooklyn artist has built a 25 by 10 foot tall water tank with nearly 1,000 colorful salvaged plexiglass. The transparent water tower sculpture adorns the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. During the day, the hundreds of rainbow panes of the water tower mosaic catch natural sunlight, glowing from different angles depending on the time. By night, the glittering sculpture is illuminated by an ardunio-controlled light show.

“Watertower” is visible to any person with a clear view of the Dumbo, Brooklyn, the illuminated, colored glass work will be on show from June 7th, 2012, remaining on exhibition until the following June.




Nature at Night

Lee Eunyeol is the creator of these lighted landscapes, composed of elements from night and day due to his planting of lights around common nature scenes. On his work, Eunyeol says that “Starry Night expresses private spaces given by night and various emotions that are not able to be defined and described in the space…Unified light from these two spaces generates a mysterious landscape.

Photos via here and here; unfortunately Eunyeol doesn’t have a website yet.

Entering Infinity

After moving to America alone in her 20s, Yayoi Kusama promised herself that one day, she’d “conquer New York, and make my name in the world with my passion for the arts and mountains of creative energy stored inside myself.” So began her journey into the contemporary art world in the 60s, in which she led orgies for hippies to paint polka dots all over themselves and befriended artists such as Andy Warhol. This exhibit is entitled the “Infinity Mirror Room – Filled with the Brilliance of Life”, and is comprised of multiple mirrors and countless, tiny LED lights. They shift and change in both color and size, thus “suspending the viewer in space”, as Vogue put it. The room captivates and confounds visitors, making them lose their sense/understanding of time and spacial limitations, creating an ephemeral glimpse into an incredible infinity. Stunning photos and video of the exhibit are below, and also be sure to watch the interview detailing her childhood and journey throughout America and Japan, as well as her choice to live in a mental institution for the last 30 years.

Damien Hirst wrote a book on Kusama in addition to her autobiography. Also check out Kusama’s website.

Pictures via here, here, here, and here.


Sensing Smiley

The Fühlometer, or Feel-O-Meter, was an interactive installation created by artists/designers Julius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus, and Richard Wilhelmer to display the overall mood of a city. The Fuhlometer was comprised of a complex system which read the emotions on passerby’s faces (sad, indifferent, or happy), interpreted them, and visualized them, all in real-time.

Photos from Wilhelmer’s website and here.

Living Lights

Groupe LAPS, a French design team of six artists, has created an installation of 20 stick figures made of LED light tubes. In an energetic and exciting display, the figures dance and flash when music is played. Check out the photos below and this video to see them in action!

Photos via their website and here.