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Everything is Not What It Seems

Loving these quirky scenes from French photographers Laetitia and Sebastien, depicting grass instead of hair, and colorful ribbons instead of vomit and spaghetti.

Photos via their website.

Visual Alchemy

Mi-Zo, comprised of German photographer Zoren Gold and Japanese graphic artist Minori Murakami, is the company behind these surreal, dreamy photos, enhanced with glitter, gel, metallics, and color, blurring the line between typical fashion editorials and art. Although they do use editing tools, Mi-Zo operates instinctively, saying that they “keep all possibilities open, even if there are ideas we are working towards. the danger of pre-determining how the image should look is that this can blind the sense of creativity. it is more realistic to be flexible to change directions when things start to not work out, and trust the gut feeling of what looks the best. as we realize what is appealing at each moment in different ways, it is the creative process itself guiding us.” Mi-Zo’s perspective on art is especially beautiful: “Art is the place to be free; it is the universal language.”

Pictures via here; you can view more of Mi-Zo’s work on their website.

Intrepid Ink

Italian artist Alberto Seveso created these breathtaking, surreal images by mixing ink underwater and taking high-speed photographs. His passion for graphic design developed from the realization that he “can use the computer to make art and not only to play!” You can see a detailed close-up in the video below.

Pictures via Seveso’s website.