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Straightforward Street Art

Sean Hart is the street artist behind these works that feature large fonts and intense, direct messages. Hart describes himself as “the moon’s favourite lover, the heir of the sun…familiar to the stranger..I am an exile with a talkative glance…I exist…I am a poem…I am a poet and my poetry is a weapon loaded with the future.”

Photos via Hart’s website.

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama + The Whitney Museum

Yayoi Kusama, whose amazing art I’ve previously blogged about, is everywhere lately. An exhibit has just opened at The Whitney Museum containing over 300 works by Kusama tracking her obsession with polka dots, mesmerizing lines, and captivating designs from her early years to the present. Additionally, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Kusama to create clothing designs of her artwork. You can check out some photos from the exhibit as well as a video of the collection below. Have fun!

Photos via here. You can shop the Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection here, and view more information on the Whitney exhibition here. Lastly, follow us on Twitter at @BrooklynBakery!

Bound Bodies

French photographer Julien Palast is the creator behind this offbeat collection of photos entitled “Skindeep”. While at first the shrink wrap seems to suffocate the models, it actually liberates their bodies, emphasizing the curves, muscles, form, and natural beauty of the human figure.

Photos via. You can view more of Palast’s work on his website.

Visual Alchemy

Mi-Zo, comprised of German photographer Zoren Gold and Japanese graphic artist Minori Murakami, is the company behind these surreal, dreamy photos, enhanced with glitter, gel, metallics, and color, blurring the line between typical fashion editorials and art. Although they do use editing tools, Mi-Zo operates instinctively, saying that they “keep all possibilities open, even if there are ideas we are working towards. the danger of pre-determining how the image should look is that this can blind the sense of creativity. it is more realistic to be flexible to change directions when things start to not work out, and trust the gut feeling of what looks the best. as we realize what is appealing at each moment in different ways, it is the creative process itself guiding us.” Mi-Zo’s perspective on art is especially beautiful: “Art is the place to be free; it is the universal language.”

Pictures via here; you can view more of Mi-Zo’s work on their website.

Very sexual. MDFerrera. Pencil on wood

Pencil on wood. Find more at MDFerrera

Eco-Friendly Lingerie…oooh la la

Eco-Underwear and Panties: Enamore….

“Starting out with a small range of clothing made from hemp, combined with Fifties and Sixties prints, the label has now evolved into a Pin-Up-inspired lingerie brand with a twist.” – Vogue