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Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama + The Whitney Museum

Yayoi Kusama, whose amazing art I’ve previously blogged about, is everywhere lately. An exhibit has just opened at The Whitney Museum containing over 300 works by Kusama tracking her obsession with polka dots, mesmerizing lines, and captivating designs from her early years to the present. Additionally, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Kusama to create clothing designs of her artwork. You can check out some photos from the exhibit as well as a video of the collection below. Have fun!

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Brooklyn Bakery on Brooklyn Blonde!

Helena of Brooklyn Blonde styled our Caramel Cream Vintage Leather bracelet today – we’re loving her arm party!

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The Brooklyn Bakery featured on Enterase: The Buyers Guide for Men.


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Non-White Wedding Gowns…

Vera Wang exhibited her Fall 2012 Collection of bridal gowns at New York’s bridal fashion week and shocked the fashion nobility.

The designer, who knows how to dress every bride in her dream gown, is dressing brides in her own signature color – Black. Yes folks that’s right, seems like the Queen of Bridal couture has had a moment of clarity – that most of us ain’t virgins on our wedding day (Actually it’s estimated only 5% of us are), so why bother wearing white?” – blogher

Glamour.com has a dialogue of non-white wedding gowns too…BUT can the white wedding gown style and tradition eventually fade?

It seems unlikely. Although only 5% of women are virgins on their wedding day…that does NOT mean they will wear a black dress. While Vera Wang is making a statement; she is still producing white wedding gowns and the majority of women will continue to wear white–with the understanding that they are not trying to symbolize virginity, but rather opting for a tradition that has been popular since the 1800’s.