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Aqueous Electreau – Underwater Ink Photographs

Photographer Mark Mawson explores colours and textures in these amazing captures of smoke-like ink underwater.

Underwater Ink Photographs by Alberto Seveso

Italian photographer Alberto Seveso creates impressive underwater landscapes rich in detail and color, by capturing  the sensuous curls of ink plumes dispersing underwater.

Submerged Sculptures

Jason deCaires Taylor is the creator of these incredible underwater sculptures around the waters of Cancun. The sculptures are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly, serving as artificial reefs that enable coral to grow and marine life to thrive. Taylor doesn’t consider himself the only artist, however. “I have a whole team of underwater helpers that come along and do all the finishing for me,” Taylor says. “The coral applies the paint. The fish supply the atmosphere. The water provides the mood. People ask me when it’s going to be finished. This is just the beginning.”

Photos via here, here, and here. You can read about and see more of Taylor’s work on his website.

Under the Sea

The underworld is inspiring today, particularly the underwater scenes captured by sea-obsessed photographer Alexander Semenov. While he previously photographed captured invertebrates in his lab, he now goes on dives to see marine life in its natural habitat. After 10 days in the Red Sea, attempting to avoid throngs of tourists boats, Semenov photographed multiple species of jellyfish, including the Aurelia aurita, Leucothea comb jelly, Pegea confederata, and Cyclosalpa, respectively. Semenov has also ventured into the White Sea, coping with intense cold and claustrophobia to achieve photos of the ice ceiling cracking under the heat of the sun, producing “huge pieces of ice that glow from the inside”. Semenov’s unique angles and different perspective allow us to view our world from the bottom up; to see the sea (if you will) in a whole new way. Breathtaking photos are below, and also be sure to visit his website for more water-related projects!