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While washing dried paint out of his sink from a different project, Michael Chase was inspired by the colors and textures that the combination of water and paint created, and set out to make his own psychedelic patterns armed with only his iPhone, his sink, and different types of paint. He states that the series, entitled Paintaway, “revolves around the central theme of impermanence. The flowing water represents the erosion of time and the paint is symbolic of the physical world we live in.”

Photos via his website.

Intrepid Ink

Italian artist Alberto Seveso created these breathtaking, surreal images by mixing ink underwater and taking high-speed photographs. His passion for graphic design developed from the realization that he “can use the computer to make art and not only to play!” You can see a detailed close-up in the video below.

Pictures via Seveso’s website.

Bouncing Bubbles

RenĂ©e Reijnders and Merijn Hos created this fun installation, which they call “Bubblegum”, on the waters of Almere, a town in the Netherlands. The bubbles float and dance on the water, and LED lights are inserted inside them at night to create an equally whimsical vision. Discussing her work, Reijnders says that her art “is not only for myself. I want to show something beautiful, a vision or interaction. My sculptures and other projects are mostly for public spaces. Art can be used and is not only meant for watching.”

Photos via Reijnders’ website, Hos’ website, and here.

Putting Lava Lamps to Shame 101

psychedelic Photography by Mark Mawson